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GP Bikes Racing rules / Points of reference v1.1

1       Gentlemen's agreement
1.1    Be respectful to any rider, no matter if he is fast or slow, newbie or veteran, girl or man, ...
1.2    Unsporty manner, insults or any offence is strictly forbidden.

2       Chat
2.1    In-Game-Chat is allowed in training and banned for qualifying and race except racedirection gave other instructions

3       Races and unexpierenced riders
3.1    A race, especially in championships, takes a lot of effort and time to prepare for.
         At first you need to learn the track, practise on it, find a working setup for the race and anotherone for the qualifying.
         Keep in mind, that a lot of riders invested a lot of time in these preparations!
         In case you are new to GP Bikes and want to take part on a championships to get fully into it and make raceexpierences thre are a couple of things that need to be respected.
         In training and qualifying you will see the laptimes of the other participating riders. Regarding to these times you can decide how fast or slow you are.
         With this comparison you should be able to assume how oftern you will get overtaken in the following race.
         Also check how many falls you make in average on a lap and consider that too.
         At the racestart and in the following first turns you need to be extremly careful and respectful with the surrounding riders!
         Take a wide line if its necessary to avoide an incident!
         Leave the track if you made a mistake that results in an accident with another rider!
         Try to prevent every contact with others and be fair!

4       Qualifying and pit
4.1    When you are on an out- or in-lap,you have to remain out of the way of a rider on a hotlap
4.2    Bikes on track have right of way over bikes entering the track from the pits
4.3    While riding in the pit lane, riders must use the pit "fastlane" to avoid collisions with other riders

5       Crashs, contacts and collisions
5.1    Contact and collisions must be avoided
5.2    If you make a mistake and you can prevent an incident with another nearby rider by steering into the dirt, grass or
         a wall, it's expected you do so.
5.3    If a contact of bikes causes an accident, the guilty rider must let the rider that created contact regain position as
         soon as possible, within the next half lap.

6      Overtaking
6.1    Respect the line of the other rider, be fair and don't cut his line
6.2    If a overtaking rider has his front wheel on the turn-in point of a corner infront of the defending bikes front wheel,
         then cornering room must be given by the defending rider.
6.3    If there is no chance to pass into the turn leading or alongside the defending bike and the front wheel
         of the trailing bike is near to the rear wheel and not alongside of the defending bike, then cornering
         room must be given by the trailing bike.
6.4    If sufficient overlap is not kept throughout the corner then the leading bike has the right to choose any line he
         wishes at the corner exit and the following bike must then yield if he can't overtake without any danger.

7       Defending your position
7.1    Any rider moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off-line, should leave at least one
         bike width between his own bike and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner.
7.2    Any rider defending their position on a straight, and before any braking area, may use the full width of the track
         during his move, provided no significant portion of the bike attempting to pass is alongside his.
7.3    If on a straight any part of the front wheel of the bike attempting to pass is alongside the rear wheel of the bike in
         front this will be deemed to be a significant portion.
7.4    Blocking is not permitted at any time.
7.5    You have to position your bike on the defensive line before the trailing rider attempts to pass you,
         and not as a reaction to his attempt.
7.6    Manoeuvres that push other riders to the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction is not permitted.
7.7    If you have to relinquish a position, move off the racing line before you slow down.
         Continue at your pace until the other rider passes you.

8       Being lapped
8.1    As soon as a rider is caught by another rider who is about to lap him, the rider who is about be lapped must allow
         the lapping rider pass at the first available opportunity. Safely and with minimal disruption. He should be predictable,
         shouldn’t brake hard or quickly change his racing line.

9       Recovering from an incident, reseting the bike
9.1    A rider recovering from an incident must try to not impede any other bike. If you have reset your bike back onto
         the track, accelerate to a normal pace and then re-enter the racing line which prevents collisions with other riders.
         If you reset yourself after an incident in a slow turn, you can directly re-enter to the racing line assuming you have
         reached racing speed at that position.
9.2    If two or more bikes involved in a position battle together leave the track for any reason, they must rejoin
         in the order they left the track and without gaining an advantage

10    Track limits
10.1  Riders must stay within the white lines that define the track inner and outer limits. Using the kerbs is allowed.
10.2  A rider will be judged to have left the track if no part of the bike remains within the track limits described in section
10.3  Should a bike leave the track limits the rider can rejoin if its save and without gaining any advantage.
10.4  If a position is gained by going outside the track limits stated in rule 9.1, you must relinquish that position.

         Additinal: Any disputes will be decided by the race directors.

How-to: Race Starts by Napalm Nick
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Suggestion for championships

someone made preventable incidents. the racedirection investigates and the results is a sort of trialstatus with a explicit warning.
This warning will last for one or more race(s).
If on the next race(s) no incident is occured by the trialed rider the waringstatus will be revoked.
And if again a violation of rules will noticed, the rider will get kicked out of the championship.

Time attack and championshipqualification
It is useful to make a time attack night to qualify for a championship.
For example 15/18/... out of the fastest can participate and/or with a maximum difference in the lap time from fastest riders.

Race time and schedule
Races should not be planned in conflict with any championships that intend to be run, or are currently running.

I conducted this in a constructive spirit, please feel free to write suggestions, ideas and critic.
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